Welcome to Pathorama, one of the most extensive and freely accessible resources devoted to pathology. Pathorama provides you with high quality images and virtual slides for teaching and self-instruction covering a wide range of topics in all subspecialities of surgical pathology and cytology. Various courses, slide seminars, quizzes, and learning games for both students, surgical pathologists, and cytopathologists are available.

PathoPic is a public access image database providing images of high quality for use in medical education and public health information. Each image has a unique identification number and is classified according to its topography, diagnosis, stain, etc. Additional information is supplied in terms of a short description and clinical data if available. A detailed search form allows locating images precisely and fast. The search result can be viewed as text or in a preview format with thumbnails. For students an interactive training mode has been developed, which can be adapted to individual needs (in the German version only). Based on an easy to use technology PathoPic will is a growing image database with the possibility to integrate any image of the database in different learning modules.

Histo-Pathology course for students.
More than 300 course slides covering general and special pathology.
Each slide is accompanied by a set of information and many gross and microscopic images.
Each course slide comprises textual information, annotated images and virtual slides.
This course has been adapted to the needs of several German-speaking universities.
Avalaible in German only

Cyto-Pathology course featuring about 200 diagnoses.
Each diagonsis comprises a short textual descroption and several illustrative images.
Avalaible in German only 

PathoBasic comprises a collection of virtual slides and power point presentations covering basic topics of all sub-disciplines of anatomic pathology. PathoBasic is part of the resident training at the Institute of Pathology of the University Hospital of Basel. The slide descriptions are authored by the residents. The first 5 year training cycle has started in January 2014 and will be completed by the end of 2018.
Avalaible in English only

Quizzes on the following topics: lung cytology, urinary cytology, serrated polyps, visceral pleural involvement by lung cancer.
Avalaible in English only